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7th Hole

Par 4 | 377 yds | 11hcp

Your Guide | Hole 7

Hole #7 is a “short-looking” hole from the tee, but don’t let the length on this hole deceive you.  Placement of the tee shot is important with a driver or fairway wood.  The slopes, sometimes referred to as “waves,” lean back towards the fairway.  This design elements provides players the opportunity to miss either right or left, and get a positive result with the ball bouncing into the fairway.  Once in the fairway the second shot is where you can make it or break it as a “river of sand” guards the front of this green.  This bunker has double-duty as both a fairway bunker and greenside bunker, just over 300 yards from the back tee.  Choose 1 club extra on the approach and make sure your short iron second shot is long enough.  If it’s short, you may drown in “the river.”  Once on the green, you will be met with the smallest green on the golf course.

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