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Club Fitting

The West’s Best for Club Fitting

Fitting Philosophy

Our goal is to help you play better and enjoy the game – not just sell you equipment. We are unbiased in our fittings and will even recommend you keep your current equipment if it is still the best fit for you. Our team of certified fitters listens to you and offers expertise on how to improve your game through properly fitted clubs. We match a club to how you move during your swing. The better the match, the better the golf shot.

We use fitting systems from top club manufacturers combined with our GCQuad Launch Monitor to optimize launch conditions, spin rates and ball speed. This will help you maximize distance while hitting more accurate shots. Most club fitting sessions begin inside and conclude outside on the practice range to provide the best feedback possible. With over 12,000 head/shaft combinations, we are certain we have the right fit for you at the lowest prices available anywhere. We price match any retail competitor – a good fit doesn’t need to be expensive!

The Fossil Trace fitting experience will forever change the way you select your equipment. You deserve to play your best – we are here to help.

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How it Works

All of our club fittings are by appointment only. We do it this way to ensure we have enough time set aside to give you the attention you need. Our fitting professionals have gone through all the training and certifications from the manufacturers we work with. They are leaders in the field and have the expertise necessary to recommend the right clubs for your specific needs.

While we offer full bag fittings, we don’t recommend this approach because it requires you to take a lot of swings at one time. This potentially leads to fatigue, which may make it more difficult for your fitter to get the results you need. To avoid this issue, we typically recommend splitting a full bag fitting over two sessions to ensure you receive the best possible recommendations.

Club Fitting Pricing

Fitting Fee

  • $100 – Initial fitting
  • $50 – Each subsequent session

Club Rewards

  • $700+ purchase –  Receive 8 large buckets of range balls ($96 value)

Price Match

  • We match any retail competitor’s price (does not include clearance websites or unauthorized sellers)
  • No sneaky upselling – we can find a good fit at a fair price!
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Your Club Fitting Session

Your fitting session begins with a player interview/evaluation to help our certified fitting professionals understand:

After this initial evaluation, you’ll take swings in a simulator equipped with a launch monitor. This gives our fitting professionals the data necessary to accurately fit you with the right set of clubs. We will fit for loft and lie.

Once our fitters have narrowed down the options through the launch angle data and simulator data, we move the fitting outside to complete the process. This lets you watch the ball fly and get a sense of the feel of the golf club. It also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback to your fitter and confirm a proper fit and feel, or request any potential last minute adjustments.

Your appointment will conclude with a post-fitting experience where you can specify your grip preference and work with your fitter on set makeup. This provides for a more customized experience than is possible when you buy off the rack.

The Value of Well-Fit Clubs

There is a common misconception that “custom clubs” implies a more expensive product. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Custom club fitting simply means we’re tailoring the process to your specific needs to ensure you receive the best clubs to elevate your game.

Golf clubs cost the same whether you buy them off the rack or as part of a custom fitting. The only difference in price is a small additional fitting fee to ensure you receive the right clubs for your needs.

You wouldn’t buy shoes or clothes without trying them on. You don’t buy other high performance athletic gear (ski gear, biking gear, etc.) without trying them out first. The concept is the same with golf clubs. You want to try them and make sure they are right for your level and playing style. With a custom club fitting, you’re getting clubs that are right for you from expert professionals who have the experience to ensure you’re taken care of properly.

The Fossil Trace fitting experience will forever change the way you select your equipment. You deserve to play your best – we are here to help.

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Available Club Options

Club Fitting Brands Offered


Titleist has been one of the leading golf manufacturing brands since its inception in the 1930s. Their extensive lines of golf clubs are designed with one purpose in mind: to elevate your game to its highest level possible. Titleist golf clubs are among the industry leaders in innovation, quality, durability and performance.


Mizuno has been making quality golf clubs since the 1930s. They have a reputation as being a better player’s golf club due to their great feel. When you hit the ball correctly with a Mizuno club, you can be confident that the ball will perform well. While Mizuno manufactures every club you’d need in your set, they are best known for their blade-style irons, which give players exceptional levels of control.


Ping has been making quality golf clubs since the 1960s. They are known for producing some of the most forgiving clubs on the market, making them an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate golfers. That being said, Ping makes excellent clubs for players of all levels. Their golf clubs are used by some of the best professional golfers in the world.


Callaway has built a reputation as one of the premium golf club manufacturers on the market. Their line of clubs has something for everyone – from beginner golfers to PGA Tour pros. The right line of Callaway clubs for you will depend on your game.


TaylorMade has been one of the leading golf club manufacturers since its inception in 1979. Their line of golf clubs provides something for players of every level. Certain clubs offer maximum forgiveness that will help beginners play their best, while other clubs provide the high levels of performance required by advanced players. TaylorMade doesn’t just make clubs for the recreational golfer. Some of the best players in the world, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and others, use TaylorMade golf clubs for the exceptional performance they need to stay on top of their game.


Cobra golf clubs have been delivering high levels of performance since the company’s inception in the 1970s. Their line of utility golf clubs is an excellent option for intermediate players. While their irons have a reputation as being ideally suited for beginner golfers, their drivers, woods and hybrids provide levels of performance comparable with many of the other leading brands.

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Club Fitting FAQs

Can you fit clubs that have already been purchased?

No. The fitting process can’t be retrofitted to current clubs. We fit from the ground up to ensure you receive the proper clubs for you. We will compare the clubs we’re fitting you for with your current clubs to ensure you’re receiving a significant upgrade in your game.

How long does it take to receive my custom fit clubs?

It depends on the manufacturer and what components are in stock. COVID supply chain issues have impacted what each manufacturer has in stock, but we do our best to expedite the process and get you your clubs as fast as possible.

Do you fit golf clubs in the offseason (Nov thru March)?

Yes. Our fitting specialists are available all year to help you. The outdoor portion of the fitting session is weather dependent so you may not be able to receive this portion of the service during winter months.

Does my fitting fee go towards the price of the clubs?

No. The fitting fee goes to the fitter and allows us to improve our fitting experience by having important technology such as the simulator and launch monitor.

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