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Pace of Play

It’s Time to Make Memories

With less time for leisure and more time spent at work, with friends, family, and other recreational activities, our goal is to create a memorable experience for everyone by managing sound pace of play guidelines.

A round with good flow, great conditions, and breathtaking surroundings creates the most memorable golf experience for all golfers.

Setting the Pace

Using GPS tracking, we used data from 100,000+ rounds played during the summer season to determine how long it takes guests to play each hole. We combined this data with other factors like course setup, beverage carts, and distances from tee-to-green to create a pace with fewer waits and better flow.

Our friendly starters and players assistants are here to ensure that every guest has a great time. Our crew is not here to simply monitor pace of play, but they also provide enhancements like “experienced” golf balls, candies, extra scorecards, band-aids, pencils (with erasers), and on hot days they will provide a cool refreshing towel. They also act as forecaddies, can help locate golf balls, and return lost clubs to players.


Have a Bad Hole?

We're not here to rush you, bad holes happen! If a group falls out of position for the first time, the GPS unit on the cart will send an automatic "heads up" message to get back into position. Our player's assistants can provide experienced golf balls to replenish your stash, and they make great forecaddies and ball searchers.


Just Not Feeling the Swing

Sometimes golf beats you down. If you're struggling to get back into position after the first GPS message, you'll receive a second automatic message to catch up. If you need a little refresher, our player's assistant also has candies and cold towels. We also have water stations on holes 4 and 13, or flag down one of our beverage carts.


A Chance Encounter

This rarely happens, but out of fairness to the rest of the golfers on the course, our player's assistant will come chat and offer up rain checks or to re-position your group.

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