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Spring Indoor Club Fitting

Fossil Trace Performance Simulator

March LAUNCH Fitting Days | 2019

Beginning March 9, Fossil Trace Performance and our Certified Fitters will be on site for free 30-minute fitting sessions every Saturday for five weeks. Each week will feature one manufacturer:

March Madness Manufacturers

Call the Fossil Trace Golf Shop at (303) 277-8750 to sign up for a fitting session. All fittings are held in the recently added Performance Center featuring Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor and Simulator. Participants receive a free 30-minute session in the Simulator (no purchase required).

If you want the full Fossil Trace Performance Fitting Experience, please fill out our Fitting Form.


Meet Katie and Nick.

Both are certified fitters for six club manufacturers, as well as KBS and True Temper golf shafts. Between Katie and Nick, they fit 150 players in 2018 alone. At Fossil Trace Golf Club Performance, our fitting team is dedicated to finding the right club for each player – regardless of brand. We have no loyalties to any company…our only loyalty is to you.

Nick Borgeson, PGA

Nick Borgeson

How Nick Fits

Finding the right club for you is what it’s all about. The good thing about club fitting is that the ball doesn’t lie. If someone comes in with a preconceived notion about what clubs they “think” might be best, once they start hitting clubs, every person ends up with a completely unique set of clubs that are tailored and specified just for them. If someone comes in and wants only a certain company because that’s all they’ve ever played, we can do that, but I prefer when golfers come in with a blank slate and are open to testing everything. That’s when we find the perfect set of clubs.

Growing up with a father who was a Sports Psychologist, I am very familiar with how mental the game of golf truly is. Whether you have no handicap, a high handicap, a low handicap, or are on tour (and have your own mental coach in your entourage) if you have a set of clubs in your hand that you know are specifically designed to fit you, you’re going to have confidence before you even swing the club.

Nick’s Pick

In the last three years, there’s one driver that has gone far. With the addition of a 10 million dollar super computer to help it go even farther, I feel the Callaway Epic Flash will continue the trend.

What’s in the Bag

Driver – Cobra F9 9.0 Fujikura Atmos TS Black 7X
Irons – Cobra F8 C-Taper Lite S
Putter – Callaway S2H2 (from 1996!)

Katie Johnson, PGA

Katie Johnson, PGA

How Katie Fits

I’ve been teaching golfers for 10 years, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the golf swing is just as much art as it is science. Club fitting is no different. I tend to find the right shaft before the head, because I care a lot about how the club feels when you swing – shaft has a big role in that. I’m crunching the data behind the scenes, but I’m always asking how things feel (and I have a thesaurus of words to tune me into what you feel).

There are two misconceptions that getting custom fit for clubs is a) expensive, and b) not as important as golf lessons. Our standard fitting fee is $50 – that’s incredibly reasonable, and you’re getting fit by a certified and experienced professional. As for lessons? I spend 75% of my time teaching and 25% club fitting. I will direct a student to club fitting first every single time. Why? If your clubs don’t support your body’s mechanics, it will be nearly impossible to make a long-term stable swing change. I’m not going to run a marathon in high heels – you shouldn’t play golf with ill-fit clubs.

Katie’s Pick

The Titleist TS2 & TS3 drivers are going to sell well. They focused on optimal launch data for all types of swings – and when the numbers are good, the ball goes far and straight. Titleist is also getting on the same page as other manufacturers and bringing more mainstream shafts into the mix. This club will please the masses.

What’s in the Bag

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash PX Evenflow Blue 6.0
Irons: Mizuno JPX Tour Modus 105 S
Putter: Odyssey O-Works Blade

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