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A Chance Encounter

Next time you are at Fossil Trace, I encourage you to eavesdrop on the conversations on the #1 tee.  To do so, just hit a few putts on the putting green located beside #1 tee and listen in to what occurs prior to play.  Some of what I have heard are players (singles, 2somes and 3somes) pairing up to create a 4 some.  They introduce themselves beginning what will be a 4+ hour relationship and on occasion, this relationship becomes expanded creating business opportunities, additional golf opportunities and friendships.  We really never know who we are about to meet and how that chance encounter may affect our life.

We have a number of guests who always play as singles – taking their chances being paired with random groups to create a 4 some.  They meet new people each time they play with the vast majority of those experiences being very positive and enjoyable rounds of golf.  More often than not, the round of golf ends up in the restaurant or on the deck with what were mere strangers hours ago, now swapping stories of golf, family and life.  The story may be of that days round or “have you played (insert golf course here)” or “ever had an ace” or “have you been to (insert country here)” or, well … you name it.

Is there another occurrence in any game where this routinely happens?  In this world of social media posting, smart phone texting, instant video uploads, etc… the art of an actual face to face conversation can be witnessed and researched on any golf course.  Golf offers the opportunity to form relationships – some a few hours long, others that last a lifetime.  It is the chance you take when joining a group – the beginnings of which may be heard at the putting green beside #1 tee at Fossil Trace each and every day.   Jim Hajek, PGA HP

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