Taking Back the Cup

With the Captains’ picks in and both teams set, I couldn’t help but to begin thinking about the Ryder Cup and Team USA’s chances of winning this year. Europe’s dominance of the Ryder Cup in recent years is undeniable; in fact, our last victory was in 2008 at Valhalla Golf Club under Captain Paul Azinger where the US stomped Europe 16½–11½. In the years since Y2K, Valhalla remains the lone US victory which means Europe has won 5 of the last 6 cups. As the Ryder Cup returns to European soil, hopes of ending their reign seem unlikely. Inspired by a Golf Magazine article, I decided to dive into some stats in search of some hope for a US victory instead of just tossing up the white flag and surrendering this one to team Europe once again.

So here’s the deal, Team USA is going to take back the Cup this year at Gleneagles and here’s why…

1)      We have Tom Watson – Captain Tom Watson was part of the historic 1993 victory as the underdog USA team defeated Europe 15-13 on UK soil. Watson was quoted saying that “this is the best feeling I’ve ever had in golf” and I’m sure he would just love to feel that again.

2)      Gleneagles – The Centenary Course, host of the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles was designed by Jack Nicklaus! American style golf should be favored on this Nicklaus design so bomb it out there Bubba, this course is designed for you!

3)      Paul McGinley, Team Europe’s captain is Irish – It’s been more than 40 years since the Ryder Cup was held in Scotland and instead of rooting for someone like Colin Montgomerie, Scottish fans get to root for Paul McGinley. With all of Tom Watson’s success at the Open, Scottish golf fans have a soft spot in their hearts for Tom Watson, which captain do you think they’ll be secretly pulling for? My money’s on Tom!

4)      Tiger’s Out – The last time team USA went without Tiger Woods was in 2008. Remember what happened then?

Be sure to get your red, white and blue gear ready and tune in September 26th-28th , it’s going to be epic!  Ryan Coyne, Assistant Pro